Author Feature: Margarita Bokusu Mina

Meet Margarita Bokusu Mina (pseudonym)  a book loving lovebug. A teacher, a writer and photographer since last century. her journey began when she decided to publish her first Novel four years ago and hasn't turned back since.  With the privilege of having her books being compared with the ones of Bukowski, Cervantes, Eileen Myles… she considers herself as unique and so does her fans.

For viewing You can read the first pages, some critics and more in the link above. Reality overcomes fiction via the following link: (

You can find Margarita talking about her books and other topics on Soundcloud at: ( populated with34 brief recordings, mostly in Spanish but also available in English and “French”. She can be easily found on IG and FB , as well as Google, Tumblr, and Twitter (@mbokusu).

If you are in Malaga (Spain) on August the 14th you can visit her photographic exhibition in Kaleido at the sea port. It will last two months.

And if you have any question about Margarita do not hesitate in asking her.